About Me

I discovered my passion at the age of 14 while training in the gym. I love sport and played cricket and rugby at school. Being one of the bigger boys gave me the opportunity to play 1st team rugby for the last 3 years of school. I suffered from a few injuries and the time came when I had to decide between Rugby and academics.

After school I pursued my passion of Training and coaching others. In 2005 I studied for a Diploma in Fitness at Exercise Teachers Academy and in 2007 took up my first post as Phys Ed Teacher at Bishops Prep School. It was here that I developed my skills and knowledge in Coaching and Mentoring kids.

In 2008 I decided to broaden my experience base and joined a company called Steiner Transocean. I received further training with them which resulted in me running the fitness training programs on board the Holland America Cruise liners.

I built many relationships around the World whilst working my way up the management ladder and enjoyed playing a significant role in helping to bring about change and achieving great results.

Starting My Own Business

2011 was a significant year for me. I started my own business in Cape Town called Gavin Bruce Personal Trainer. I decided to focus on my own dreams and pursue my own goals of helping people through the wellness Industry.

It’s an exciting industry that is experiencing exponential growth. People care about their health and are looking for ways besides traditional medicine to bring about wellness. If we don’t have our health what do we have?

Since 2005 I have been increasing my knowledge and experience in the industry. I work alongside a team of professionals and a Scientific Research Company with products made from unique ‘Real Food’ technology. These factors combined are making my goals and dreams come true.

I am seeing people being significantly changed- lifestyle changes made, weight loss, personal goals met, health and happiness restored. This is why I do what I do.

I help my clients to obtain their fitness goals through personalized workout programmes and eating plans.